In an exciting development for combat sports fans, Randy Costa has signed a multi-fight deal with Jorge Masvidal and Dean Toole’s Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA (BKMMA). This move marks a significant step in Costa’s career as he transitions to the burgeoning world of bareknuckle MMA fighting, which has been gaining popularity and attracting top-tier talent from various combat disciplines.

Randy Costa made his impactful debut in the bare-knuckle arena in November 2023, facing none other than the seasoned veteran Jason Knight. Costa’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, as he secured a knockout victory in the very first round. This impressive win not only showcased Costa’s striking prowess but also set the stage for his promising future in BKMMA.

Costa expressed his enthusiasm about joining Gamebred BKMMA, emphasizing his eagerness to take on new challenges and deliver thrilling performances for the fans. The fighter’s excitement is palpable, as he looks forward to further establishing his presence in the bare knuckle scene under the banner of a promotion known for its high-octane bouts and competitive matchmaking.

Jorge Masvidal, a UFC star and founder of Gamebred BKMMA, along with Dean Toole, has been instrumental in bringing mainstream attention to bare-knuckle fighting. Their promotion aims to blend the raw, unfiltered essence of combat sports with top-level athletes, creating a unique and electrifying viewing experience.

Costa’s signing is a significant addition to Gamebred BKMMA’s roster, and fans are eager to see who he will face next. Given his track record and the promotion’s reputation for exciting matchups, Costa’s upcoming fights promise to be must-watch events. Stay tuned for more updates on Randy Costa’s journey and his next opponents in the Gamebred BKMMA ring.