Co-Main Event For Gamebred BKMMA

In a thrilling turn of events, UFC Heavyweight veteran Chase Sherman is set to step into the bare-knuckle cage once again. Facing off against Alex ‘The Spartan’ Nicholson at Gamebred BKMMA on March 2nd in Orlando, Florida. The highly anticipated bout promises to be a violent bare knuckle MMA heavyweight clash, serving as the co-main event of the night. We don’t expect this fight to see the judges scorecards!

Known for his impressive career in the UFC, Chase Sherman has built a reputation as a seasoned and relentless fighter. Now, he ventures into the raw and unfiltered world of bare knuckle combat, eager to make his mark in this evolving discipline. Fans can expect Sherman to bring his experience, striking skills, and warrior spirit to the forefront as he squares off against a formidable opponent.

Chase Sherman UFC Veteran Gamebred BKMMA (Bare knuckle MMA)
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His adversary, Alex Nicholson, adds another layer of excitement to this co-main event spectacle. A seasoned fighter with a diverse skill set, Nicholson is no stranger to bareknuckle MMA fights. As both athletes prepare to enter the ring without gloves, the stage is set for a gritty and intense showdown, with the potential for fireworks in every exchange.

The event will be hosted at the KIA Center in Orlando, Florida. It will be a celebration of the growing popularity of Gamebred BKMMA, and the co-main event status for Sherman and Nicholson underscores the significance of this matchup. March 2nd promises to be a night filled with hard-hitting action, culminating in the co-main event where Sherman and Nicholson will showcase their skills and determination in pursuit of victory.

Alex Nicholson Gamebred BKMMA (Bare knuckle MMA)


As fans gear up for the clash between Chase Sherman and Alex Nicholson, the anticipation for this bare-knuckle MMA bout continues to grow. With both fighters bringing their unique strengths and styles to the ring, the co-main event is poised to be a memorable chapter in the ongoing evolution of Gamebred BKMMA.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be an adrenaline-charged night of violence, with Sherman and Nicholson at the forefront of the bare-knuckle MMA revolution. Tune in for the Most Violent Show on Earth on march 2nd!